Nicola (nikkiann0356) wrote in ljcreators,

*1* Style:
Generator.. I want it to look like this journal

*2* Background Image: or 

and can i have that with lyrics next to it in cursive that say.."My heart is yours to fill or burst, to break or bury, or wear as jewelry..Whichever you prefer.." and then a heart next to it

*3* Entry Box Alignment:

*4* Text Alignment:

*5* Main Colors:
Black, Grey, White

*6* Entry Border:
Same as the one in that girl's journal but with a grey lining instead of orange.

*7* Scrollbar Colors:
Name or Hex Codes : black and grey

*8* Font:
Arial Western, Black

*9* Comment Links:
what is shown: Sweet Catastrophes; after someone comments Breathe Symphonies

*10* Comment Picture:
Do you want a picture in between your comment links?
the sideways heart the girl has in her journal.

*11* General Link Effects: becomes bold when you go to it

*12* Page Transition: stars out

*13* Number of Entries Per Page: 10

*14* Cursor: crosshair

*15* Layout Example: showed it above but here it is again

there are two underscores in that just so you know.

*16* Other Requests:


*17* Your Screen Name for Aim or Email Address:

AIM- nikkiann0356

Please do this, it'd mean a lot to me. Thanks, I will credit!

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