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please? <3

Page Title -_____♥ don't you make a move tonight
[]Where would you like the entries? - aligned to the right
[]Border - solid
[]Border Size & Color - 3 and dark teal
[]Link Colors - light teal
[]Cursor- a star, if possible
[]Background Link -
on the left side
[]Background color - a light teal on the right
[]Background color for journal entries - white
[]Font, font color, and font size - light teal, tahoma, size 12
[]Anything else you can think of - I want the picture on the right side and kinda decorated, if you could make it say "Laguna Beach" however you think looks good and then the teal part on the right side with the journal entries
[]Screen resoloution.. i have no clue..

if you have questions, because i'm not too good at describing, im me at nfgsweetie1102 (aim) or e-mail at dancexfever@sbcglobal.net.

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